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Since 1992 abraxas Software has been a provider of innvovative software solutions for banks and financial service providers. Our activities have emphasized straight-through processing, the end-to-end, automated handling of processes across a variety of systems.

Our customers include well-known banks and capital investment companies in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland and the USA. Our customers appreciate our reliability, professionalism and punctuality in project implementation.

The modularity and flexibility of our systems ensure a timely, cost-effective solution to meet your requirements. Our product portfolio includes solutions for the following areas:

Processing of fund commissions and transactions

The use of FundLine solutions ensures efficient calculation and processing of trailer fees and transaction commissions. Furthermore, the solutions permit convenient entry and processing of fund transactions.

Distribution and quality assurance for financial market data

The use of the RiskLine-P solution facilitates the consistent, vendor-independent and secure supply of quality-checked quote information to all target systems.

Market conformity check

RiskLine-M allows automated checking of transactions for market conformity. The check takes place using the market price as well as comparison with fair values calculated by the system or third-party systems.

Individual solutions

The combination of technical and subject expertise in the financial services sector makes abraxas an ideal partner for the timely, needs-based solutions to your individual project requirements. Our IT philosophy is distinguished by the use of the latest IT technologies and development environments.

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