Application software

The business activities of abraxas are focused on the development of software for financial service providers. Particular emphasis in this regard is given to database applications in heterogeneous networks (client/server architecture), which are integrated in the existing IT infrastructure of the financial services provider using interfaces.

On the server side, both relational and object-relational database systems (RDBMS, ORDBMS) are used, and a graphical user interface is implemented on the client side. Furthermore, abraxas supports distributed systems.

We use state-of-the-art programming languages in development, such as C# with .NET, Java, Perl and PHP. Our preferred database system is Oracle.

abraxas applications are fully scalable and are thus adaptable to increasing volumes of data. The applications run on Linux, Solaris or Windows-based servers.

Project management

IT projects for financial service providers require specific expertise in both banking and IT. The combination of expertise in these areas makes abraxas a competent partner for the support and implementation of your IT projects. In the past, we have implemented interfaces and other technologies for the following base systems:

  • Olympic
  • Kordoba
  • SimCorp Dimension (formerly TMS 2000)
  • Forbatec V3 (formerly SER)
  • SAP
  • OBS
  • IBSY
  • Kondor+.


On the consulting side, we focus on the areas of financial market data and sales support. Both are critically important given Basel II and the necessary increases in revenue for financial service providers.

The importance of financial market data increases with the growth of data volumes in two directions. Vertically with the number of securities and horizontally with the need for additional information for each security (such as rating and corporate actions). Current, accurate data are needed for transparent, objective evaluations. At the same time the cost of supplying information must be reduced - how can this apparent contradiction be dealt with?