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Privacy Statement

abraxas GmbH takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We want you to know when we collect which data and how we use it. We have taken technical as well as organizational measures to ensure we are complying with privacy protection regulations.

In the course of the modification of our website and implementation of new technologies to improve our service, changes to this privacy statement might be necessary. We advise you to check this privacy statement every now and then to look for any changes.

Access to internet content

Every access to the abraxas GmbH’s internet presence is subject to being recorded in a log file. The following data is kept in the log file for a maximum of 2 years:

  • IP address of the accessing computer
  • name of the requested file or first line of the request
  • date and time of the request
  • amount of data transferred
  • message detailing if the request was successful
  • login name of the user if applicable
  • referring page if applicable
  • used user agent (browser)

The recorded data is utilized exclusively for optimization purposes regarding our internet presence. In case you are requesting product information, the newsletter or a user account, we will ask for your name and other personal details. Supplying this information is your decision. We store your information on highly protected servers in Germany. Access to this information is restricted to very few staff members who are involved with technical, commercial or editorial maintenance of the servers.

Relaying of personal information to third parties

Data recorded when accessing the internet presence of abraxas GmbH are relayed to third parties exclusively insofar as we are obligated legally or by court order, or when the relaying of information is necessary for prosecution in case of attacks against the internet infrastructure of abraxas GmbH. The relaying of information for other commercial or non-commercial purposes does not take place.

When requesting product information, your personal information is used exclusively within abraxas GmbH. We do not relay your personal information to third parties without your express permission.

Usage of cookies

On certain pages, cookies are used without us being able to notify you explicitly. Most browsers are configured to accept cookies automatically. You have the option of disabling cookies altogether or configuring your browser to accept cookies for just the current session.

Links to third-party websites

Our internet presence contains links to third-party websites. We have no influence on these third parties' compliance with privacy protection regulations.


For additional information regarding usage of personal information by abraxas GmbH, please contact us in written form at:

abraxas GmbH
Altenkesseler Str. 17
D-66115 Saarbrücken