March 2017: Leading international Bank in Austria chooses FundLine-R from abraxas

The bank will use FundLine-R as base system for trailer fee processing. With FundLine-R, the activities associated with the handling of commissions are to be automated and integrated into the existing system landscape. In addition to the comprehensive functional possibilities for the calculation, monitoring and distribution of commissions, the key decision criteria were the MIFID II conformity of the FundLine-R solution.
After Erste Asset Management (EAM), abraxas wins a further major financial services provider in Austria as a customer and is thus further expanding its local market presence there.

August 2016: New RiskLine-P Release

In this release, the focus was on the professional and technical fields.

Technical Highlights

  • RiskLine Dashboard (RL-Dashboard)
    The classic HTML RiskLine console was replaced by a modern web interface, which is based on current technologies and gives a better overview of the processes that are currently running.
  • Task Management System (TMS)
    The task management system itself generates tasks and assigns them to specific users . These users will be informed of upcoming tasks by the user interface and e-mail. For the user, this means a significant improvement because the system indicates what tasks take priority.
    Application points in RiskLine-P are, for example:
    - Prompting to approve data records
    - Prompting to verify the exceptions list
    - Prompting to verify exporting
  • Historical credit spread progression depending on spread type and provider
    In the OTC system, the security risk is measured through various credit spreads. The graphical representation of historical spread progression per price provider gives a good overview of the development of risks.
  • Exclusion of providers in the OTC system
    During price determination in the OTC system, providers from one's own company should not be considered. Through an exclusion list of specified price providers, this requirement can now be taken into account.
  • Stock exchange calendar
    The calendar can be defined for each stock exchange. The stock market calendars are considered when executing provider queries. For example, alternative data fields can be queried on stock exchange holidays.

Technical highlights

  • Oracle 12 compatibility
    RiskLine - P now supports the latest Oracle release, in addition to Oracle versions 10g and 11g.
  • Application server
    In the course of further development, more and more RiskLine-P functions are being transferred to an application server. However, compatibility with the most common systems is always a top priority.
    In the new release, the RiskLine Dashboard relies on a Java-based REST API of a web server .
  • Higher query output
    By redesigning the workflow architecture, we have managed to almost triple the query output in the system.
  • BLINK - Web Server API
    By using a web-based API, BLINK (Basic System Link) can now be deployed much more easily when connecting to external systems.

May 2016: abraxas becomes a member of Profidata Group

As an independent entity of Profidata Group, abraxas will not only continue to operate out of Saarbrücken but also pursue growth.

With the solutions for quality assurance of financial market data, processing mutual fund orders and calculating trailer commissions, abraxas’ product portfolio ideally complements Profidata Group’s investment management system XENTIS.

Profidata Group AG
Profidata Group, founded in 1985 in Switzerland, develops investment and wealth management software for the financial services industry and offers extensive services around the software solutions XENTIS and e-AMIS. Its headquarters are located in Zurich. The company has subsidiaries and representative offices in Vaduz, Frankfurt/Main, Saarbrücken, Luxembourg, London and Singapore.

For more information please visit

February 2016: RiskLine-RE (real estate) is the name of the newest module of the RiskLine-suite.

The system helps Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) to implement effective risk control measures in the real estate area. The current risk control is almost completely based on the annual expert’s appraisal price, i.e. neither current interest rates and FX-rates nor valuation relevant events like natural disasters or wars which occur after the
appraisal was created, are taken into account for the real estate valuation.
RiskLine-RE applies classical financial mathematics as well as methods from artificial intelligence (AI) to model a daily valuation price. With this, real estate can be valuated in a comparable way to how investment funds are handled under UCITS. The degree of automation ensures a new quality level of risk control at negligible cost.

February 2016: The second step toward Asia – Hong Kong

FundLine-R has been used in Hong Kong since Feburary 2016. FundLine-R is utilized for fund commission processing in Singapore as well as in Hong Kong – two of the most important Asian financial centers.

October 2015: First steps toward Asia

With the productive use of FundLine-R in Singapore abraxas has managed to set foot on the Asian market. FundLine-R, the software solution for trailer fee processing, has also convinced Asian users. By the high flexibility of the system the markets requirements could be covered without problems.

February 2015: New FundLine-R client in Switzerland

Currently clients in six European countries are using FundLine-R.

December 2014: The new RiskLine-P release is available

The focus is on the technical area at this release. System performance improvements and flexibility enhancements have been the major areas of development. The new version has additional useful functionalities. Below shows some of the new features:

  • Improvements for process monitoring by the user have been implemented
  • Process control for request transfer can additional be done by the user
  • Historical credit spread charts per price supplier are available
  • Improved overviews concerning market data that was already delivered to the target systems simplifies the users’daily work
  • User-defined attributes for instruments improve the flexibility

August 2014: UniCredit Luxembourg uses RiskLine-P productively

UniCredit Luxembourg has been using software solutions for market data validation and market data distribution for more than 16 years. These solutions were specially developed for UniCredit. This software has been replaced by the standard solution RiskLine-P. The enhanced requirements for market data validation, as well as the benefits and security of a standard solution, are now included. RiskLine-P has a modern architecture and enhanced performance.

The following features are compelling from the business point of view:

  • New validation methods to ensure better market data quality
  • Support of structures (e.g. interest rate curves, discount factors etc.)
  • System extensibility using new modules
  • High usability (e.g. visualizing by charting prices and interest rate curves, modern filtering and sorting features)
  • Individualized settings of screens by users

Two modules are of special interest. The OTC-module enables the validation of OTC-traded bonds. The synthetic system enables the calculation (based on primary validated data) of market data that are not delivered by data providers.

March 2014: FundLine-R Usergroup Meeting

The annual FundLine-R User Group Meeting took place on 20 of March 2014 at State Street Bank Luxembourg. The attendees who came from Luxembourg, Ireland, Austria and Germany work at management companies, transfer agencies and banks. The focus was on processes between the involved parties. Many interesting ideas about how these processes could be made more efficient while simultaneous avoiding operational risk were up for discussion. Abraxas defined the roadmap for the next system enhancements together with customers.

October 2012: Warburg Invest puts FundLine-R into operation

Just in time for the settlement of the 3rd quarter Warburg Invest in Hamburg (Germany) uses the trailer fee system FundLine-R of abraxas productively.
Warburg Invest processes the trailer fees not only for Warburg funds, but also for funds of affiliated investment companies. This step completes successfully the first phase of a long-term collaboration between Warburg Invest and abraxas.

31 January 2011 FundLine-R continues to gain market share

The trailer fees and other commissions of more than 20 asset management companies are now calculated, paid out or reinvested using FundLine-R.

FundLine-R is one of the leading systems for commission processing in the investment fund industry.

The most important success factors include:

  • the high flexibility of the system
  • the ideal system support during the entire process chain
  • the focus on our customers

The use of online fund-R reduces the operational risk (in particular the risk of overpayment) and significantly increases the transparency of the entire process.

29 April 2010 abraxas moves to energy provider that delivers regenerative energy

Most energy providers deliver electrical power from a mix that consists mostly of non-renewable energy sources. They often tell customers that the company takes care of the environment. However, in reality they use RECS certificates.

abraxas GmbH has decided to move to the energy provider . "naturstrom" delivers electrical power that is based on 100% renewable energy. Additionally, they use a fraction of the energy price to pay for the installation of new equipment.

Through this decision, abraxas shows its commitment concerning responsible use of resources.

10 March 2010 Beta-Version RiskLine-P 10.0 goes into the test phase

Our price quotation delivery and validation system, RiskLine-P, has been in use and constantly upgraded for over 10 years. In keeping with that, we have recently redesigned the system in response to the perpetually growing demands on price quote delivery and validation.

We emphasized the following in the new conceptual design:

  • Improvement in the quality of the price quotes through new validation methods
  • Expanded support of structures (e.g., validation of interest rate curves)
  • Performance enhancement in price quote delivery and validation
  • Increase in delivery quality through an alternate module
  • User-friendliness, particularly through
    - the use of the most up-to-date filters and sorting possibilities
    - the visualization of price performance
    - the consideration of individual GUI approaches

Furthermore, RiskLine-P 10.0 offers an array of new features which will support the user even more in the future, e.g. with the processing of critical prices.

25 February 2010 State Street Bank goes for FundLine-R-Get

With $18.8 trillion in assets under custody and administration and $1.9 trillion under management (as of December 31, 2009), State Street is one of the world's leading providers of financial services to institutional investors. State Street maintains operations in 25 countries covering all major investment centers.
State Street Bank's decision confirms the leading position of our software solution concerning commission processing. The basis for a successfully long-term cooperation was built by signing a global frame contract for the State Street Group.

10 February 2010 IFDS processes balance based commissions using FundLine-R-Pay

International Financial Data Services (IFDS), one of the worldwide leading Global Transfer Agency Providers, applies FundLine-R-Pay for the processing of balance-based commissions. The high flexibility of the software was essential to this decision. This ensures that IFDS can satisfy the increasing requirements of clients in the future. The system supports the complete process from the commission calculation and reporting up to the payment and/or reinvestment. It enables users to handle registered as well as bearer shares.

20 May 2009 New look for our websites

Our websites have been completely redesigned and placed on a new technical foundation. They are based on the content management system Drupal. The layout is a pure CSS layout and, therefore, flexible and modern.

12 May 2009 Intelligent OTC data collector

The Nord/LB Luxembourg uses the new OTC Data Collector from abraxas for the preselection of prices of OTC-traded bonds. In terms of bonds which are either mostly or exclusively traded OTC, all buyers/sellers must be considered simultaneously when selecting a fair market price. Using methods from artificial intelligence (AI) the collector chooses a market price. That decision-making process is based upon how an expert would make those decisions.

4 May 2009 Tiger Award for Asset Navigator

We have learned today that Mr. Wagner of Union Investment has recently received the coveted Tiger Award. This prize is given out annually for ideas, tools etc. which have most taken sales to the next level. As its “intellectual father,” Mr. Wagner received the Tiger Award for the software tool “Asset Navigator”. abraxas has successfully implemented the tool in accordance with Mr. Wagner's ideas. The system has been enthusiastically taken up by sales people and has since become indispensable to their daily work.

30 April 2009 New quality assurance procedure

abraxas has introduced a new quality assurance procedure for software development and support. To that end, a VMware ESX server farm was set up in order to be able to recreate the individual customer environments as faithfully as possible. Each customer installation is stored on a virtual machine and new developments and updates are tested there before distribution. With support inquiries, the customer's inquiry can be simulated in the corresponding customer environment. In addition, an automatic alignment of the development environment with the customer environment is made possible. In conjunction with the proven systems for the tracking of customer inquiries and the support Wiki, we are well-prepared, now and in the future, to offer optimal support.

13 April 2009 New FundLine-R version completed

Version 5.5 of the “Get” variant of the FundLine-R system is now complete. It offers an array of innovations which make it even more efficient.

28 February 2009 abraxas: member of the DMFSA initiative

abraxas is a member of the design group of the “Dematerialised Mutual Fund Sales Agreements” (DMFSA) initiative. A goal of the initiative is to make sales agreements of funds available in an electronic format that can be transferred to the appropriate backoffice systems directly and be processed (Straight Through Processing – STP). Members of the initiative are capital investment trusts, transfer agents, banks and software providers. Links to further information: or the SWIFT community

23 January 2009 abraxas re-certified as a Microsoft Certified Partner

abraxas has been a Microsoft Certified partner since 2004 and has achieved a high level of competence in custom development solutions. This is evidenced by two of abraxas' employees who have passed the requisite examinations to qualify as a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD). abraxas has, therefore, cemented its place as a professional partner for individualized software solutions.

14 January 2009 HVB Luxembourg introduces new version of OMS

Since the new version of the order management system (OMS) is now available, HVB Luxembourg will introduce this version in the context of its standardised asset management.

19 November 2008 Hauck & Aufhäuser implements new MiFID-ready version of FundLine-R

Frankfurt-based private bank Hauck & Aufhäuser is now carrying out the billing of trailer fees with the new MiFID-ready version of FundLine-R Get. In doing so, standardised user administration will also be employed.

17 October 2008 Research project successfully completed

A research project supported by the European Union and the Saarland finance ministry to identify “suspicious” holdings reports within the context of the processing of trailer fees was successfully completed.

16 May 2008 swissrisk AG and abraxas become partners

The successful and proven co-operation between abraxas and swissrisk AG has been affirmed by the signing of a partnership contract. With its middleware specialising in financial services, X-Gen, swissrisk possesses a tool that displays its strengths when it comes to process optimization (e.g., Swift) and the integration of market data (WM, Telekurs, etc.).

15 April 2008 User administration standardised

Through a redesign, the user and application administration for all abraxas products have been standardised and now use C#-based code. This module is thus now available to our customers.

31 March 2008 extension for FundLine-S

FundLine-S - our system for automated settlement has been upgraded to a deposit management system.

31 August 2007 Nord/LB Luxembourg chooses RiskLine-P and RiskLine-M

Nord/LB Luxembourg has chosen the RiskLine-P system from abraxas to meet its market data verification needs. RiskLine-P enables the user to verify the market data from a central point and to make validated prices available to other systems.
The control of companies' market equity is performed by abraxas' RiskLine-M solution.

15 August 2007 HVB Luxembourg processes trailer fees with the new MiFID-ready version of FundLine-R-Get

HVB Luxembourg is introducing the new 'Get' version of FundLine-R to control trailer fees and provide MiFID-compliant reporting. FundLine-R Get not only reduces the necessary workload significantly, but also assures systematic, complete, and audit-proof control of the commission amounts.

The system also supports the identification of unused earnings opportunities.

3 August 2007 abraxas receives public support for research and development

From the point of view of capital investment trusts, overpayments of trailer fees represent an enormous financial risk.
abraxas has developed a novel concept for considerably reducing this risk.
We are pleased that abraxas GmbH's innovative approach is so convincing that the EU and the Saarland support this R+D-Project.
Interested capital investment trusts are able to participate in the pilot phase.

5 Juli 2007 UBS Fund Services Luxembourg selects DC Page from abraxas' RiskLine-Suite

The adoption of this tool allows information on adjuster pages to be read and processed.

The advantages

  • Simple, graphically supported configuration of queries
  • Possibility of an online test before the active adoption of the query
  • An automated warning is given when making critical changes on the adjuster page
  • The system automatically identifies and corrects more minor changes on the adjuster page

5 April 2007 Announcement of a New MiFID-compliant Version of FundLine-R Get

The FundLine-R Get system is currently being upgraded in order to fulfil the requirements of the EU guidelines for securities trading - MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).
The new version will be available before the new EU directive takes effect (November 2007).

More detailed information about the FundLine-R product line can be found here.

23 March 2007 abraxas turns 15

The software development company known as abraxas GmbH is celebrating its 15th anniversary with customers, friends and other interested parties on 23 March.
This is a substantial amount of time in the fast-paced field of software development, and it attests to the continuity and enduring business relationship that abraxas has had with its clients and partners for the last 15 years. That is certainly cause to celebrate.

Happy birthday!

11 April 2006 Hauck & Aufhäuser Investment Gesellschaft S.A. decides to use FundLine-R

Hauck & Aufhäuser Group is already using FundLine-R for processing encashment of trailer fees. The luxembourgish investment company of Hauck & Aufhäuser Group has decided to introduce FundLine-R.

Hauck & Aufhäuser Investment Gesellschaft S.A. pays trailer fees to counterparts. They will use FundLine-R for automation of all activities associated with the processing of trailer fees. The following highlights are worth mentioning:

  • Flexible integration of stock reports from counterparts and custodians
  • Consider balances on investment accounts
  • Management of balances by using checking routines
  • Calculating trailer fees
  • Reporting and billing for internal and external purpose

For more information about FundLine-R, click here.

10 April 2006 abraxas researches the processing of trailer fees

The importance of trailer fees (retrocession, portfolio-based commissions) is increasing with the success of investment funds and certificates. Processing of trailer fees is under examination by the following market study.

Share your expierence in processing trailer fees and take part in this study. You will obtain the results of the study and you will have the chance to win an mp3-Player.

Questionnaire (in german)

23 February 2006 English website online!

Our English-language Website is online. We welcome all English-speaking visitors and are happy about your interest in our company and our software solutions. You may reach the English / German version of the site by using the language selector in the top right position of every page.

23 August 2005 Württembergische Hypothekenbank AG introduces RiskLine-P

Our partnership with the Gesellschaft für Anwendungssoftware mbH is bearing its first fruit. The Württembergische Hypothekenbank AG in Stuttgart is now a user of the abraxas market data solution RiskLine-P. For the Württembergische Hypothekenbank AG, the use of RiskLine-P facilitates

  • easy, cost-effective integration of market data (quotes, master data) from various sources such as Reuters, Bloomberg and fair value calculators
  • automated quality control of market data
  • supplying target systems with consistent market data.

This cooperation unites the expertise of two system suppliers for the banking industry. abraxas works only with the best companies in their respective fields, building up partnerships with established system suppliers. This facilitates fast, cost-effective implementation of high-quality solutions to the benefit of our mutual customers.

For more information about RiskLine-P, click here.

29 July 2005 Additional product introduction of FundLine-R in the Hauck & Aufhäuser Group

The success of our solution for processing trailer fees is spreading throughout the Hauck & Aufhäuser Group. Based on its successful use in practice at Hauck & Aufhäuser Banqiers Luxembourg S.A., the abraxas solution FundLine-R has now been implemented at Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers KGaA in Frankfurt as well.

For more information about FundLine-R, click here.

23 June 2005 New cooperation partner: Gesellschaft für Anwendungssoftware mbH

The Gesellschaft für Anwendungssoftware ("GfA") is a software provider and IT consultancy for financial services providers. As a supplier of the standard software PARIS, GfA is well-established in the mortgage banking sector.

The cooperation involves supplying the mortgage banking system PARIS with market data that has been checked for quality via the vendor-independent RiskLine solutions by abraxas. Banks that use PARIS can thus take advantage of the following options:

  • cost-effective, simple integration of market data from any data vendors such as Reuters, Bloomberg or Telekurs Financial
  • extensive automated validation of all information
  • supplying PARIS and other target systems of the bank with consistent market data.

The cooperation of GfA and abraxas strengthens their core business to the benefit of their customers, who profit from the combined expertise of both suppliers. In addition to PARIS, the RiskLine solutions now have interfaces for more than six different base systems.

For more information about RiskLine solutions by abraxas, click here.

10 April 2005 New customer: Hauck & Aufhäuser Banquiers Luxembourg S.A.

Hauck & Aufhäuser Banquiers Luxembourg S.A. are using the abraxas system FundLine-R to automate the processing of trailer fees. The system fully covers

  • the dispatch of portfolio notifications in the individually
    specified format of the fund company
  • monitoring of incoming commission payments
  • the distribution of trailer fees to the recipients.

The integration of FundLine-R in the existing IT infrastructure of Hauck & Aufhäuser Banquiers Luxembourg S.A. was completed in an extremely short time.

For more information about the system, click here.

30 May 2005 abraxas carries out survey on the trading of financial derivatives

How important are financial market options in the provision of customer advice? abraxas carried out a market study in April to answer this question, among others.

According to the responses received, options will be increasingly important in the future. Many banks are already targeting this form of investment for use by private clients. This makes sense. On the one hand, they distinguish themselves from competitors and are considered innovative by their customers. On the other hand, this opens up opportunities for additional revenue.

For the full results of the study, click here.

12 January 2005 goes online

Are you interested in financial derivatives? abraxas has launched the Internet service, which provides support to professional and private users in their investment and trading decisions.

The range of services provided by includes current market data on options and their underlyings as well as a forum for the exchange of information and expertise. Subscribers to are also provided with opportunities for professional analysis, productive features and professional expertise regarding financial derivatives.

For more information, click here.

23 September 2004 New customer: Delbrück Bethmann Maffei AG

Our previously successful cooperation with the Bethmann bank has been extended to the new company Delbrück Bethmann Maffei AG today. The new private bank, part of the ABN AMRO Group, is one of the premium providers of portfolio consulting and management services in Germany.

The object of the extended cooperation is the implementation of an abraxas system for routing of over-the-counter fund orders. FundLine-O automates the entire order workflow and handles it in a manner that is traceable and compliant with auditing standards.

9 July 2004 Cooperation with Infobolsa Deutschland

Our focus in the area of financial market data is increasing in importance. Infobolsa Deutschland is a new abraxas partner for providing financial data. Especially in the new project Optionstool,

we have been working closely together. Infobolsa is a joint venture of Deutsche Börse AG and Bolsa de Madrid and is an international provider of financial information. Its geographical emphasis is on Spain, Portugal, Germany and the South American economic zone.

Our new project Optionstool is an Internet-based options analysis and stock market information system. The solution is intended for professional and private users and is scheduled to begin in January 2005. Details on the Optionstool will be available here soon.

21 May 2004 Functionality of FundLine-R extended
FundLine-R system for processing and settlement of trailer fees

Many of our discussions with financial services providers demonstrate the strong interest in the subject of trailer fees in the sector. That is reason enough for us to extend the functional scope of the solution - the new release has a number of new features. Here are some of them:

  • In addition to investment funds, FundLine-R can also now calculate and process trailer fees for certificates.
  • The calculation methods were extended considerably and now include 65 different types. This should allow any contract to be handled completely by FundLine-R.
  • Furthermore, users can now define the layout for each report recipient. This is relevant, for example, for sending individually composed portfolio notifications to each fund company.

More information about FundLine-R

1 February 2004 New product: FundLine-R
System for processing and settlement of trailer fees for mutual funds

Trailer fees (retrocession and portfolio-based commission) are becoming a key source of revenue in the mutual funds business. However, their calculation and settlement is generally a very labor-intensive activity for financial services providers, since individual commission agreements are usually made.

FundLine-R simplifies all the activities associated with processing and settlement of trailer fees. Thus it offers benefits to financial services providers that pay trailer fees, such as fund companies and ones that receive trailer fees, such as depositary banks, umbrella funds or universal banks.

The integration of FundLine-R in the system environment of the financial services provider enables extensive automation of processing and settlement of trailer fees:

  • Display of all individually concluded commission agreements
  • Calculation of trailer fees for each client, umbrella funds, target fund, profit center and fund company
  • Automatic generation/processing of portfolio notifications
  • Support for the distribution of trailer fees paid to the respective recipients
  • Extensive automated posting and payment of trailer fees

More information about FundLine-R

23 January 2004 Cooperation with Telekurs Financial

Developments related to Basel II and the introduction of International Accounting Standards (IAS) have led to an increase in the need on the part of financial services providers for up-to-date, quality-checked financial market data. The cooperation with Telekurs Financial, one of the

leading providers of master data and event data, enables abraxas to cover all aspects of distribution and quality assurance of fiancial market data.

In addition to the quote distribution and validation system RiskLine-P, the product portfolio has been expanded to include a solution for automating the maintenance of master data. The new solution RiskLine-B allows not only the integration of master data and event data from Telekurs Financial but also the integration of information from other data providers (such as WM). This makes it possible to build a central, up-to-date, quality-checked pool of master data that supplies all target systems at the financial service provider with the master data and event data required.

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