11 April 2006: Hauck & Aufhäuser Investment Gesellschaft S.A. decides to use FundLine-R

Hauck & Aufhäuser Group is already using FundLine-R for processing encashment of trailer fees. The luxembourgish investment company of Hauck & Aufhäuser Group has decided to introduce FundLine-R.

Hauck & Aufhäuser Investment Gesellschaft S.A. pays trailer fees to counterparts. They will use FundLine-R for automation of all activities associated with the processing of trailer fees. The following highlights are worth mentioning:

  • Flexible integration of stock reports from counterparts and custodians
  • Consider balances on investment accounts
  • Management of balances by using checking routines
  • Calculating trailer fees
  • Reporting and billing for internal and external purpose

For more information about FundLine-R, click here.

10 April 2006: abraxas researches the processing of trailer fees

The importance of trailer fees (retrocession, portfolio-based commissions) is increasing with the success of investment funds and certificates. Processing of trailer fees is under examination by the following market study.

Share your expierence in processing trailer fees and take part in this study. You will obtain the results of the study and you will have the chance to win an mp3-Player.

Questionnaire (in german)

23 February 2006: English website online!

Our English-language Website is online. We welcome all English-speaking visitors and are happy about your interest in our company and our software solutions. You may reach the English / German version of the site by using the language selector in the top right position of every page.

23 August 2005: Württembergische Hypothekenbank AG introduces RiskLine-P

Our partnership with the Gesellschaft für Anwendungssoftware mbH is bearing its first fruit. The Württembergische Hypothekenbank AG in Stuttgart is now a user of the abraxas market data solution RiskLine-P. For the Württembergische Hypothekenbank AG, the use of RiskLine-P facilitates

  • easy, cost-effective integration of market data (quotes, master data) from various sources such as Reuters, Bloomberg and fair value calculators
  • automated quality control of market data
  • supplying target systems with consistent market data.

This cooperation unites the expertise of two system suppliers for the banking industry. abraxas works only with the best companies in their respective fields, building up partnerships with established system suppliers. This facilitates fast, cost-effective implementation of high-quality solutions to the benefit of our mutual customers.

For more information about RiskLine-P, click here.

29 July 2005: Additional product introduction of FundLine-R in the Hauck & Aufhäuser Group

The success of our solution for processing trailer fees is spreading throughout the Hauck & Aufhäuser Group. Based on its successful use in practice at Hauck & Aufhäuser Banqiers Luxembourg S.A., the abraxas solution FundLine-R has now been implemented at Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers KGaA in Frankfurt as well.

For more information about FundLine-R, click here.

23 June 2005: New cooperation partner: Gesellschaft für Anwendungssoftware mbH

The Gesellschaft für Anwendungssoftware ("GfA") is a software provider and IT consultancy for financial services providers. As a supplier of the standard software PARIS, GfA is well-established in the mortgage banking sector.

The cooperation involves supplying the mortgage banking system PARIS with market data that has been checked for quality via the vendor-independent RiskLine solutions by abraxas. Banks that use PARIS can thus take advantage of the following options:

  • cost-effective, simple integration of market data from any data vendors such as Reuters, Bloomberg or SIX Financial Information
  • extensive automated validation of all information
  • supplying PARIS and other target systems of the bank with consistent market data.

The cooperation of GfA and abraxas strengthens their core business to the benefit of their customers, who profit from the combined expertise of both suppliers. In addition to PARIS, the RiskLine solutions now have interfaces for more than six different base systems.

For more information about RiskLine solutions by abraxas, click here.

10 April 2005: New customer: Hauck & Aufhäuser Banquiers Luxembourg S.A.

Hauck & Aufhäuser Banquiers Luxembourg S.A. are using the abraxas system FundLine-R to automate the processing of trailer fees. The system fully covers

  • the dispatch of portfolio notifications in the individually
    specified format of the fund company
  • monitoring of incoming commission payments
  • the distribution of trailer fees to the recipients.

The integration of FundLine-R in the existing IT infrastructure of Hauck & Aufhäuser Banquiers Luxembourg S.A. was completed in an extremely short time.

For more information about the system, click here.

30 May 2005: abraxas carries out survey on the trading of financial derivatives

How important are financial market options in the provision of customer advice? abraxas carried out a market study in April to answer this question, among others.

According to the responses received, options will be increasingly important in the future. Many banks are already targeting this form of investment for use by private clients. This makes sense. On the one hand, they distinguish themselves from competitors and are considered innovative by their customers. On the other hand, this opens up opportunities for additional revenue.

For the full results of the study, click here.

12 January 2005: goes online

Are you interested in financial derivatives? abraxas has launched the Internet service, which provides support to professional and private users in their investment and trading decisions.

The range of services provided by includes current market data on options and their underlyings as well as a forum for the exchange of information and expertise. Subscribers to are also provided with opportunities for professional analysis, productive features and professional expertise regarding financial derivatives.

For more information, click here.

23 September 2004: New customer: Delbrück Bethmann Maffei AG

Our previously successful cooperation with the Bethmann bank has been extended to the new company Delbrück Bethmann Maffei AG today. The new private bank, part of the ABN AMRO Group, is one of the premium providers of portfolio consulting and management services in Germany.

The object of the extended cooperation is the implementation of an abraxas system for routing of over-the-counter fund orders. FundLine-O automates the entire order workflow and handles it in a manner that is traceable and compliant with auditing standards.

9 July 2004: Cooperation with Infobolsa Deutschland

Our focus in the area of financial market data is increasing in importance. Infobolsa Deutschland is a new abraxas partner for providing financial data. Especially in the new project Optionstool,

we have been working closely together. Infobolsa is a joint venture of Deutsche Börse AG and Bolsa de Madrid and is an international provider of financial information. Its geographical emphasis is on Spain, Portugal, Germany and the South American economic zone.

Our new project Optionstool is an Internet-based options analysis and stock market information system. The solution is intended for professional and private users and is scheduled to begin in January 2005. Details on the Optionstool will be available here soon.

21 May 2004: Functionality of FundLine-R extended
FundLine-R system for processing and settlement of trailer fees

Many of our discussions with financial services providers demonstrate the strong interest in the subject of trailer fees in the sector. That is reason enough for us to extend the functional scope of the solution - the new release has a number of new features. Here are some of them:

  • In addition to investment funds, FundLine-R can also now calculate and process trailer fees for certificates.
  • The calculation methods were extended considerably and now include 65 different types. This should allow any contract to be handled completely by FundLine-R.
  • Furthermore, users can now define the layout for each report recipient. This is relevant, for example, for sending individually composed portfolio notifications to each fund company.

More information about FundLine-R

01 February 2004: New product: FundLine-R
System for processing and settlement of trailer fees for mutual funds

Trailer fees (retrocession and portfolio-based commission) are becoming a key source of revenue in the mutual funds business. However, their calculation and settlement is generally a very labor-intensive activity for financial services providers, since individual commission agreements are usually made.

FundLine-R simplifies all the activities associated with processing and settlement of trailer fees. Thus it offers benefits to financial services providers that pay trailer fees, such as fund companies and ones that receive trailer fees, such as depositary banks, umbrella funds or universal banks.

The integration of FundLine-R in the system environment of the financial services provider enables extensive automation of processing and settlement of trailer fees:

  • Display of all individually concluded commission agreements
  • Calculation of trailer fees for each client, umbrella funds, target fund, profit center and fund company
  • Automatic generation/processing of portfolio notifications
  • Support for the distribution of trailer fees paid to the respective recipients
  • Extensive automated posting and payment of trailer fees

More information about FundLine-R

23 January 2004: Cooperation with SIX Financial Information

Developments related to Basel II and the introduction of International Accounting Standards (IAS) have led to an increase in the need on the part of financial services providers for up-to-date, quality-checked financial market data. The cooperation with SIX Financial Information, one of the

leading providers of master data and event data, enables abraxas to cover all aspects of distribution and quality assurance of fiancial market data.

In addition to the quote distribution and validation system RiskLine-P, the product portfolio has been expanded to include a solution for automating the maintenance of master data. The new solution RiskLine-B allows not only the integration of master data and event data from SIX Financial Information but also the integration of information from other data providers (such as WM). This makes it possible to build a central, up-to-date, quality-checked pool of master data that supplies all target systems at the financial service provider with the master data and event data required.