System for automating the over-the-counter order and
processing workflow for investment funds

Fact Sheet FundLine-O

The ordering process for investment funds at many financial service providers is characterized by discontinuities in data media. Mutual fund orders are taken from the accounting system manually and grouped into block orders. The order is generally submitted by fax. As a whole, this procedure has proven labor-intensive and prone to errors in practice. In addition to that, it is of especial importance that all mutual fund orders be received at a capital investment company by a particular time (the "cut-off time").

FundLine-O (O stands for order routing) is a solution for complete automation of the over-the-counter order and settlement process for mutual funds. The system takes all relevant individual orders from the trading or accounting system. Just before the cut-off time, FundLine-O collects all the individual orders received up to that point into just-in-time block orders and transmits these to the capital investment company in various ways:
  • Telefax
  • Datei, Mail
  • Swift-Message
  • Transaktionssysteme (z.B. Vestima+)
After receiving the block order, FundLine-O reports the fulfillment of orders to the base system at the individual order or individual transaction level. The normal workflow can be continued.

The use of FundLine-O supports and automates the entire over-the-counter order and settlement process for investment funds.

Benefits in using FundLine-O:

  • significant reduction of your processing costs through automation
  • improvement of the quality of processing
  • significant limitation of the risk of losses
  • maintenance of your defined order workflow to the greatest extent possible.

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