System for automation of trailer fees calculation
and processing

FundLine-R for banks (fact sheet)
FundLine-R for fund companies and issuers (fact sheet)
Portfolio-based commissions - a source of revenue with funds

The importance of trailer fees (retrocession, portfolio-based commissions) is increasing with the success of investment funds and certificates. Their determination, calculation and allocation, however, has proven to be labor-intensive and time-consuming for the majority of financial services providers, since individual contracts are concluded between capital investment companies and contracting parties with different commission agreements. Furthermore, the entire workflow is characterized by media discontinuities.

FundLine-R (R stands for retrocession) is a solution for automation of all activities associated with the processing of trailer fees. The solution covers various areas of application:

  • payment of trailer fees
    (relevant for fund companies and issuer)
  • receipt of trailer fees
    (relevant for retail / private banks, fund-of-funds, etc.)
  • distribution of trailer fees
    (relevant for transaction banks, cooperation with outside financial intermediaries, cost center accounting)

The solution has an open system architecture, which allows relevant information in other systems to be integrated. Stock reports are generated automatically and can be sent in various ways. FundLine-R offers a wide range of methods for calculating portfolio-based commissions. Incoming trailer fees are automatically checked to ensure they are complete and then distributed to the recipient. FundLine-R also supports downstream distribution to recipients such as financial brokers who have a claim to a share of incoming payments.
FundLine-R also supports the other side of the operation, i.e. payment of trailer fees. The system permits convenient integration of incoming stock reports for this purpose. Based on the portfolio management and the contract information stored in the system, FundLine-R generates a payment proposal and all postings for the accounting system.

The use of RiskLine-R offers the following benefits to financial services providers:

  • efficiency improvements through process automation
  • better quality in processing
  • improvement of service for internal and external recipients
  • guaranteed compliance with auditing standards

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